LDC Institute

Meritorious students:
in the academic year 2013-'14 the following students showed outstanding performance:
•  Ashvinee Singh
•  Jyoti Joseph
•  Rajat Pandey
•  Akash Singh

Ms. & Mr. Fresher
For the session 2013-'14 the following students were selected as Mr. & Ms. Fresher

Ms. Fresher- Jyoti Joseph (B. Tech. I)
Mr. Fresher- Ashvinee Singh (B. Tech. I)

Young Scientist- Saurabh Mishra
An unassuming and obedient student who often caught the attention of his teachers as his blue eyes sparkled in the class whenever a new thought flashed through his brilliant mind. Yes, that's Saurabh Mishra for you. Coming from a financially weak rural background Saurabh earned recognition for himself as the 'young scientist' when he presented his project on "HYDROGEN TECHNOLOGY" in the Gardhian Young Technological Innovations Awards 2013 held at IIM Ahmedabad . He has participated in different science events held at school, district and state level. Having made his mark at the '6th Science Conclave 2013' held at IIIT (Allahabad) he has become a constant source of inspiration for his fellow students.


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