LDC Institute

The Infrastructural development of the institute is still going on and yet to complete. . Our focus has been on simultaneous growth of both basic needs of the students like classrooms, laboratories, workshop, library, conference hall etc. for academic activities on one hand and student support facilities like hostels, canteen, stationary shop, medical, transport, students' activity center etc. on the other hand. The development of the group has been planned in a phased manner so that the required facilities become available well before the need arises.

•  The institute has well-lit and ventilated classrooms and tutorial rooms with complete AC facility. All the classrooms are spacious and kept hygienic for the focused study and wellbeing of the students.

•  Our Electrical lab caters for all practical requirement of technical studies.in addition. Students are exposed to various types of ac/dc inductors, transistors and transformers.

•  Chemistry lab helps students in analyzing various samples to determine alkalinity, chlorine, iron content etc. in the given sample through Spectra Photometric, PH Metric and Metal Ore Analysis. Students also determine equivalent weights, viscosity of polymers as well as they carry out functional group identification in the organic compounds.

•  Physics lab contains various set ups to conduct experiments in optical, magnetic and electrical properties of various materials. A specially designed dark room for required experiments to determine the type, density and energy bands of given semiconductor material.

•  Professional Communication Lab caters to enhance the communication skills of the students. In the labs, student-teacher interaction sessions are conducted to remove the hesitation of every student and teach them the nuances of speech with versatility.

•  Workshop technology is an extremely important practical subject for engineers opting for various manufacturing fields. A well laid out workshop comprising of Machine Shop, Welding, Black Smithy shop, Carpentry, Fitting and Sheet Metal Shop has been set up.

•  The Institute has fully computerized library cum study hall with a collection of more than 7,000 books for Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, IT, Applied Science, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science. Photocopy facility is also available within the library to provide better assistance to the students.

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