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Academic policy

S.no Activity Objective Frequency Time Description
1 2 minute speech To develop power of expression and confidence Daily 4 minutes A two minute speech by any two students each day at the end of the class, prepared by the students themselves on a topic given by the teacher the day before.
2 Sentence translation To develop vocabulary and correct grammar usage Daily 2 minutes The teacher will write a sentence on the board in Hindi. Any student in the class is asked to translate it into English. Other students are asked to find mistakes in the translation and to correct it.
3 Paragraph translation To develop vocabulary, correct grammar usage and ability to write logically coherent sentences. Weekly 5 minutes A model description of a chart, graph or diagram is provided in Hindi and the students are required to translate it into English.
4 Morning assembly To build personality, confidence, creativity, Weekly 30 minutes PDP class to be made common for all students in all courses. A theme is provided and a group of five students will perform on the given theme
5 Diagram description Learning to write in a presentable style As per requirement 10 min A chart, graph or a diagram is provided and the students are required to come up with complete and precise description of the same on their own .
6 Vocabulary building To build vocabulary of the students Daily   Two new words to be given to students, and they are required to find the meanings of the same.
7 Sentence formation To help students form meaningful sentences of their own Weekly   Teacher will provide two new words to the students every week. Students are required to find meanings and frame sentences of their own using those words.
8 Spell the word To make students learn the spellings of keywords/terms Twice a month 5 min Keywords from each topic to be pronounced by the concerned subject teacher. He/She may ask any student in the class to write the word on the board. Other students are asked to find mistakes in the spelling and correct it.

•  Any conversation of students with teachers during college hours to be done in English.

•  No application written by the students for the purpose of leave or otherwise to be entertained unless written in English.

•  Classroom teaching in all subjects to be conducted in Hindi and English both.

•  Key sentences to be repeatedly expressed in English, the way students are supposed to write in the examination.

•  Teachers may make the students repeat those sentences while teaching in the class.





1) Before starting the engineering subjects like (mechanics, electrical, electronics etc.) there is need of ten lectures to develop basic concepts of physics.

2) After completion of one unit divide the students in two sections.

Section (A)-Those students who can achieve above 30 marks in UPTU exam.

Section (B)-Those students who are not capable of getting 30 marks in UPTU exam.

Special attention must be given to the students of section (B) so that they can achieve at least 30 marks in UPTU exam.

3) Easy units of the subjects should be taught first.

4) Faculty should provide notes of theory portion of the syllabus of all five units and it must be learnt by heart by all the students.

5) Faculty should give one assignment question in each class and he/she should check the answers carefully next day.

6) Faculty should check the confidence of the students by asking them to solve the question on the board.

7) Faculty should provide a booklet of 20 questions after completion of the each unit and check it carefully within given time.

8) In staring of the session there should be only theory classes.

9) There should be a TUTE class of 90 minutes of each subject in a week.

10) Unit wise test after completion of each unit.
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