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Striving for Value Based Education

When we talk about education, it means a lot in our life. But sadly we are only looking at education as a source of Bread & Butter in today's complex world. Before I proceed further, let me quote from our father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi,” The real difficulty is that people have no idea what education truly is. We assess the value of education in the same manner as we assess the value of land or of shares in the stock market. We want to provide only such education as would enables the student to earn more. We hardly give any thought to improvement of the character of the educated. As long as such ideas persist there is no hope of our ever knowing true value of Education”.

Education into my opinion should not only consist of getting degrees and diplomas which enables us to get employed gainfully but it should be much more. The education should be a vehicle of knowledge providing us strength of character, art of self preservation, source of good conduct an self respect and above all success in life as a whole, Education should enable us to differentiate between right and wrong, it should strengthen our belief in God, teach us importance of hard work and self respect and be able to provide us a set of values. “Education is a continuous learning process where we learn from books and teachers, we learn from success and failure, we learn through trial and error, learn from our role models and leaders, we learn from our surrounding and nature and then only we grow up to be the person we want to be or meant to be.”

We now have a society where we have more educated people than ever before but we also have more hatred, more violence and more self centered and selfish people. Mushrooming of educational institutions are producing less civilized people. Whereas the degrees are available for all but the dignity have gone down. Much research work is done, many books and literatures are being produced, professional achievements are attained but the very basis of humanity is under threat. We do need to ponder over and ask a relevant question as to why? The Education is not helping us to build a good, homogenous and peaceful society.

Any education which does not help promote basic human values will not do any good to the society. It has to be understood that while education only opens up your mind the value based education gives up purity of heart and soul. The value based education will provide quality of sincerity, it will help in improving our relationship, with outside world along with our family. It will make our living much better; we will not only become professionals but also good human beings. While education gives us the opportunity to top in the examination but value based education will make us capable of taking the whole society on top. The education gives us the capacity for better learning, the value based education give us the opportunity for a deeper understanding.

These days the role of mother and father is reduced because the children go to school at a very early age. People do not have time to give to their children due to pressure of jobs and profession. Therefore, the onus is on schools and colleges. The social fabric, the family peer pressures are also missing which used to exercise checks and balances on a behavior of a person. These again put added responsibilities on educational institutions and teachers.

Therefore, this college / institution has taken the responsibility to provide not only value based education as part of their subject matter but also provide right kind of environment where the universal values can be taught and learnt, the procedures have to be transparent, teachers will have to be role models and parents are to be involved in the whole process to achieve better results. Let us all try to build the infinity group on these lines.

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