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    What Infinity is

The word Infinity has been derived from Infinite, which means Limitless. As we all know that education is a continuous process beginning with the birth and ending with death of the person.

There are no boundaries to limit the extent of learning, be it a subject or lessons of life .Infinity group symbolizes and aims to prepare generation for learning and acquiring education, and not merely limiting the learning for acquiring degrees.

The words in the logo WISDOM , COURAGE , INTEGRITY have been carefully chosen which indicate the very character of the group. Wisdom indicates your mental, spiritual, academic and social rationalization of thought process which helps in opening the horizon's of knowledge. Courage means physical, moral strength of a person to be able to stands up for the truth and uprightness. Integrity is humans' inner strength to desists himself from doing wrongs and stop people from following the evil path.

Here at Infinity we aim to:

(i)   To provide off beat structured environment for freedom of actions, thoughts & speech to the future generation.

(ii)  To create zeal for life long learning in students, grooms them to grow & blossom with positive and effective communication, critical thinking and appreciation with the sense of belongingness to the society and nation.

(iii)    To focus on unfolding the innate potentials of the students ,to provide exciting environment for creating genuine urge in the students, to learn and strive for excellence.

To inculcate the qualities of leadership and make them responsible citizen of the nation.

The Infinity Group of Institutions aspires to be a world leader in the integration of teaching & learning, advancement of knowledge through research and scholarship, leadership in service and outreach.

The group aims to prepare and groom professionals with value based education for ever changing global needs.

It envisages to prepare world citizens empowering them with professional competence. In its long term plan its endeavor would be -

(a)   Developing broad minded critical thinkers with analytical ability.

(b)   By way of enriching their experiences constantly by offering them freedom for expression for inner growth and leadership quality.

(c)    Respecting their individuality yet making them realize that we all belong from the same nation.

(d) After receiving the value based education the students shall be competent enough to keep pace with the challenges in the society.


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